Care & Cleaning

The White Cradle products are made with high quality 100% Organic Cotton. We know that in the early days, you are likely to wash the products daily. We've built these products to last for many washes, not run colours, and get softer with each wash.

However, it's always better to take care good care of your fabrics. Here are some expert tips on how best to care for your products.

First Use

Many of our products now come sterilized. This process ensures that they're completely clean and can be used with your baby right away. You can identify these with the 'Sterilized' symbol on the product page. 

For all other products, it is advisable to wash it before you use it for the first time, especially when using it with infants. 

Avoid High Temperatures

As our products are made of Cotton, we recommend avoiding high temperatures altogether - while washing and drying. High temperatures tend to cause shrinkage, pilling, and mess with the fit of the products. 

Wash at a low temperature (by hand or in the machine's gentle cycle) and then air dry or tumble dry. For tumble drying, again it is better to use low temperatures. 

Caring For Filled Articles

For items such as our quilts, pillows and bolsters, we typically use polyfill. These can be machine washed and dried. However, tumble dry works better as it fluffs up the product well. If you don't have a tumble dryer, you can air dry it too. In this case, it is better to leave it on a flat surface than hanging it on a line, to ensure the filling is distributed evenly.

Use Mild Detergent and Avoid Fabric Softener

Our products are made soft and will typically get softer with each wash. Use a mild detergent that will take care of your little one's sensitive skin. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach or any fragrances that may irritate your baby.