Our story

The White Cradle is the result of a real need we faced when we had our first child. Like any other anxious first-time parents, we wanted 'the best for our baby'. This happens to be safe, well-researched, great quality products that fit our aesthetic sense.

Our family is steeped in textile history, spanning back over 70 years. We knew that the products available at the time were not up to the standard possible.

Today, our son acts like the guiding North Star. Most product decisions go through the "What would we do if we were making it just for him?" test. This helps us focus us on what's important, which we've now distilled down to our Core Beliefs. We've listed these below.

Our son has grown up with our products all around him. This gives us the absolute confidence to recommend them to you.

Our beliefs

Safety First

The first 6-12 months are an extremely delicate time. We should ensure that every product follows the recommended safety norms for infants. Our products should not pose any health risk.

Soft and Comfortable

Our products should be the softest possible. They should be a joy to use for the baby and the parent.

Well Researched

We should study all the research on infant sleep and care. Our products should be based on sound scientific advice.

Good for the Environment

We are not only helping raise children, but are also leaving them with the planet that we once inherited from our parents. It is up to us to take care of the environment, so that our children can continue to explore its wonders.

Above and Beyond

The White Cradle should be the experts in baby textile products. We should make every effort possible to truly represent what's 'best for your baby'.