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Donald Duck Baby Basket 1 Pcs

Rs. 1,998.00

Introducing the Disney Small Cotton Baskets with Mickey Mouse Theme Design for Baby Diaper Organizer, Nursery Storage! These adorable and durable storage baskets are the perfect size for a baby diaper organizer or nursery storage, made of 100% natural cotton, firm and sturdy.

They offer great functionality by holding items together and providing an extra layer of organization. What’s more? They make great gift baskets for family with kids or even as empty gift baskets to fill.. 

Size: 36x34 cm

  • 36x34 cm

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The Most Comfortable Blankets

The White Cradle Disney Mickey Mouse Kids/infant Blanket - Super Soft Plush Baby Blanket - 100x80 cm:

  • ADORABLE & DURABLE - Our small cotton baskets have the perfect size and look for a baby diaper organizer or nursery storage. Made of 100% natural cotton, they are safe, firm, and sturdy. Perfectly cute 34x36 cm size!
  • ATTRACTIVE & DECORATIVE - These stylish Mickey Mouse themed storage baskets will instantly add an adorable and modern touch to your home decor! Perfect for bedroom, bathroom, living room, office shelves & nursery.
  • GREAT FUNCTIONALITY - Our cute baskets are versatile and functional. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as holding items together and providing an extra layer of organization. They are perfect for families with kids, as gift baskets, for baby laundry, as pillow baskets, magazine baskets, plant baskets, book baskets, towel storage and even pet toy baskets. You can use them to organize your blankets, clothes and toys or to let your pets sleep in them. They will make the perfect home for your pets if you put a cushion in it
  • Safe & Easy Care - Hand wash in mild detergents and let it dry in shade - no bleaching needed! Easily remove stains by machine washing at 40 C and enjoy peace of mind knowing that no shrinkage or fading issues will arise. Care & Cleaning section.

Not sure whether you should swaddle or use a blanket? See our detailed Guide on What to Use for Sleep at Different Ages. It details how to transition from a swaddle to a sleep sack to a blanket, keeping all safety guidelines in mind.

Why Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton is a safer method of growing Cotton that is good for your baby and good for the environment too. At The White Cradle, your baby's safety is one of our Core Beliefs and so we only use 100% Organic Cotton for our products.

Here are some of more details about Organic Cotton:

  • Growing Organic Cotton does not use any toxic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and herbicides
  • Organic Cotton is gentle and better for your baby's delicate skin. Avoiding chemicals during the growing process ensures that there are no irritants that can lead to skin allergies
  • Organic Cotton is better for the farmers that grow it as they're not exposed to the toxic chemicals

For more on Organic Cotton, read our detailed post on Why use Organic Cotton for Babies.


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